RBS Artist


Your playtime is on since 15 min, you’re glamourously absent, lost in another club, lost in time, lost in…? Any possibilitiy for a defense?
Never happend to me. If so, i would tell the clubowner that i called the Bartender in advance and gave him instructions what to play while i’m absent.

Confetti – lover or hater?
I wouldn’t call it hate. But i really have to concentrate to continue being a friendly guy.

Your new job is the CEO of GEMA (ASCAP/BMI) – what is your stategy?
Strengthen the position of Independent Labels. Quit my job. Take the severance pay. Move from munich to italy. Buy a house in the pampa. Something like that.

The bartender wants to switch jobs with you for the night – win or fail?
I would tell him that he already played three tracks while i was absent (see first question). If he did a good job, i would advice to get the clubowner drunk to convince him for a proper booking.

The best party tends to happen in the restrooms, so why should we pay YOU?
The best parties are on the toilet? I don’t think so. An exception might be the Golem Club in hamburg. There is an extra DJ toilet in the booth. Sometimes very practical.