RBS Artist


Your every day alter ego as a non DJ person is…?
Lukas Eirol, the guy who sits rested at the table when you come home from afterhour and offers you a nice cup of tea, while he feeds you vitamins and tries to help you to fix your relationship you drunkenly broke last night.

A long slot to play, you desperately need to pee, there is a long queue for the toilet, and now…?
The “Double Bass DJ Diaper” always protected me from the worst case scenario; a minute without playing with those fancy mixernipples and swingy spinwheels, just let it flow.

Night Manager – blessing or curse?
Heaven on earth, the one who takes a marker to correct my name on every poster and flyer and always someone who signs my “Muttizettel” wasn’t always that easy, I tell you!

The master plan for a bomb record?
Pretty easy, just take a kick like “dumdumdumdum” ontop some “tschikekloptschiktschickeklaptschick” don’t forgot the bass like “bombombomuom-bombom” then here and there a ploing, a ping and some double kicks, some tight loopmasters Vocals, done!

During the week in the studio, weekend in clubs – when do you get any sunlight?
I’m still on my rehab program starting with increasing doses of reflected and later direct moonlight, till the point I could risk some of the sunrays falling through my blind. But I’m not sure I’m ready yet, just imagine I could risk my natural studio tan, what should the woman be thinking… Ugh