RBS Artist


Playtime 06:00h – 09:00h. Early to bed, early to rise or party monster ? And – what happens the day after?
Both can happen, depending on my mood. Normally I really enjoy partying and like to listen to other DJs.

The master plan for a bomb record?
Not to think about success, to do what I feel, and to find inspiration in the moment.
The bartender wants to switch jobs with you for the night – win or fail?
Bad idea. I guess I’d drink it all, and after an hour I’d be wasted as hell…

You`re transforming the office into another backstage, but the night manager tries to protest – how can you cheat him?
I wouldn’t. I really enjoy partying, and as I said I also like to listen to the other DJs, so for me I don’t really need a backstage.

The best party tends to happen in the restrooms, so why should we pay YOU?
The best parties are in the restrooms? I guess I missed something here… The people are visiting a club to listen to the music and dance (hopefully), not to sit on the toilet and take a shit!