RBS Artist


Playtime 06:00h – 09:00h. Early to bed, early to rise or party monster ? And – what happens the day after?
Of course early to bed. Mommie Zadak brings us a decent cup of chamomile tea to sleep early whilst daddy Kotelett wakes us up in the morning with a half pig for breakfast, so we eat properly before a hard day’s work schedule. Later on, we’ll be stupidly drunk and annoying the people working behind the .

Your every day alter ego as a non DJ person is…?
Professional sprat fishermen

Your new job is the CEO of GEMA (ASCAP/BMI) – what is your strategy?
We would invent a democratic system for the artist members. And sack ourselves as the CEOs.

Night Manager – blessing or curse?
A definite blessing. They only need a good amount of education and attention, so the drink supply chain works smoothly.

You’re transforming the office into another backstage, but the night manager tries to protest – how can you cheat him?
A display of the courtship rituals of the paradise bird will always help to impress any guy ….