RBS Artist


Not the first, not the last record – but the best record you ever bought?
Jonathan: The first record I bought was an Iron Maiden record. The last one the release by Madmotormiquel, Ritter Butzke Studio 004. We have to buy the records from our own label to get better results in sales and for chart positions. 😉
Kristian: The best record in between these two was the „Rage Against the Machine“ album. The album with the burning monk on the cover, who was photographed by Malcom Browne in 1963 shortly before he set himself on fire to protest. Back then and even from a today`s point of view probably one of the best records, I ever bought.
Kristian: I can only recall my first vinyl LP which was: KLF „The White Room“. I was eleven years old and back then I played DJ sets in school disco parties for kids. The records I bought I am not willing to mention here, but I remember one in particular which was BRAN VAN 3000 and the respective album „Discosis“ – in 2001.

During the week in the studio, weekend in clubs – when do you get any sunlight?
Jonathan: Our studio has a roof which can be opened, plus huge panoramic view windows, so its all flooded with sunlight even in winter time. Apart from this we have a terrace between our studio and our lake. The lake is an artificial one, made by Kristian and his digger. We go for swims in this lake on a regular basis, to get our heads clear. In the studio we have a sunbed. When the chef serves the dinner we enjoy the evening sun on the terrace. And apart from that there is so much sunshine in our hearts that I am almost feeling ready to throw up because of too much sun. So we are only waiting for the weekend to come so we can go back to our dirty clubholes to play the music made by others because we do not have our own music. Why is this ? Because we never produced anything we only spent time hanging out in the sun…
Kristian: I `am so tired of sun and of other peoples´ music. So I bought black curtains which I will hang up in the studio when me and Jonathan have successfully finished our therapy against vertigo.

The master plan for a bomb record?
Jonathan: You said bombs…?
Kristian: Rehearse, rehearse and … re…well…hearse !

Your every day alter ego as a non DJ person is…?
Jonathan: I am a private investigator and a private secret agent, both at the same time.
Kristian: I am taking care so nothing happens to Jonathan. That is a bit unusual and quite dangerous at times. Before I met Jonathan I was a pearl diver. I can also imagine working in the field of food technology but at the moment I am supporting Jonathan in his field work.

You`re playing. A guy who has been offering a number of drinks during the night has changed from being a deckshark dancing in front of you to being a teddy bear dancing limbo with your butt. How do you deal with this honor?
Jonathan: Later on I will ask him if he would like join us for a threesome, since he is the next one playing.
Kristian: It`s not a she? Hmm, I need to check for the emergency kit. Oops a porcupine costume… maybe this helps on my back…