RBS Artist


The best party tends to happen in the restrooms, so why should we pay YOU?
Oh, I did not know… Well, they say that most of the toilets are white (taps nose)… DJs don’t always smell much better then these party loos, but they make nicer sounds…

Your new job is the CEO of GEMA (ASCAP/BMI) – what is your strategy?
End this organisation and establish a fair model for artists, clubs, musicians and consumers.

Your every day alter ego as a non DJ person is….?
Kurt Krömer (well-known German comedian from Berlin)

Who is the prettiest DJ and why?
DJ Naddel. Real beauty only happens in small town discos!

(If you are not familiar with Naddel : she is Dieter Bohlen`s Ex Wife, and Dieter Bohlen is the Chery Chery Lady Guy, the one who made the band Modern Talking in the ‘80s)

Not the first, not the last record – but the best record you ever bought?
Paris – The Devil Made Me Do It. It was released in 1990, but back then it was at least 10 years ahead of its time in terms of sound. I am still in awe of this visionary sound, and there are at least ten other very good reasons to adore this record, but this should be enough for now.