RBS Artist


Not the first, not the last record – but the best record you ever bought?
One of my biggest favourites is AGORiA – Singing (Dixon Dub). A timeless record and in my DJ set since 3 years. Pure emotion !

Your every day alter ego as a non DJ person is…?
A proper Swiss soda fountain sales person with my real name Manuel Schena Moreno selling water specialties from Appenzell (small Swiss district), a real Swiss confederate….

Night Manager – blessing or curse?
Neither. It’s always fun to meet new artists and to take good care of them, as long as you can have a normal conversation with them and they don’t behave like divas…

The master plan for a bomb record?
Massive appearance: A good portion of minced meat and a beer from Appenzell always gets the party going.

The best party tends to happen in the restrooms, so why should we pay YOU?
Sunday nite 22:00 at Panorama Bar, Berlin: the minced meat dish I had earlier that night is coming back to live. Change in mood. I need a toilet, desperately. Toilet is busy. Another change of mood. The toilet doesn’t live up to my fantasy of being a place full of tranquility and relief. When I desperately need it, it’s not there for me – I feel cheated. What a traitor. 🙂