RBS Artist


Not the first, not the last record – but the best record you ever bought?
One record which really influenced me a lot and which I definitely want to highlight here is the Alcachofa album and the according tools by Ricardo Villalobos. For me, it’s an absolute milestone in electronic Music, not only for the obvious hits like “Easy Lee”, “Dexter” and “Waiworinao”, but also as a piece of art in its entirety. A listening pleasure based on the entire range of frequencies – and sometimes even beyond!

During the week in the studio, weekend in clubs – when do you get any sunlight?
That’s a real problem, but since I like the healthy “club suntan”, I can live with it. If necessary, I can open the blinds in my studio and let the sun in for a bit. I’m also happy in the morning sun on my way from the club to the taxi…

Confetti: lover or hater?
Depends on the location and the occasion. In a dark techno hole, when the sound is full-on, it might be quite irritating when all of a sudden little Mary starts dancing around throwing confetti. But in more playful locations and in open-air parties, it’s a nice feature – the tiny pieces of paper are appreciated by a lot of people and make them smile (though maybe not the DJ, when 50 Kilos end up on his turntable and his record box…).

Who is Berlin’s best DJ and why?
Even if it may sound a bit cocky, from my point of view it’s me. Let me quickly explain that. I only play tracks which I think are the best fit for the moment, and I use mixing and effects exactly the way I like to hear them used! Therefore every DJ would have to either say that he/she is the best DJ, or ask him/herself why he/she does not do it exactly the way the DJ he/she thinks is actually the best. Sounds logical, at least to me.

A long slot to play, you desperately need to pee, there is a long queue for the toilet, and now…?
Time for the famous “need to pee” records. Long tracks with more than 10 minutes playtime, normally enough to get rid of your bladder issue. Every now and then though, even those records are not long enough – in those cases, there are always empty bottles and glasses… the amount that you put back into the bottle should not exceed amount you had from the same bottle…