RBS Artist


Night Manager – blessing or curse?
Depends on the night manager. In Ritter Butzke, I can only say: great! But I’ve seen other types in other locations. One incident: a guy insisted in helping me to plug in my gear, but he unplugged the wrong cable from the mixer and muted the other DJ while the poor guy was playing.

The bartender wants to switch jobs with you for the night – win or fail?
In my case this would be a worst case scenario – a complete fail, since I hardly drink any alcohol and I have absolutely no clue about drinks or how to mix them. But I might be a good distributor of coca cola bottles…

You`re playing. A guy who has been offering a number of drinks during the night has changed from being a deckshark dancing in front of you to being a teddy bear dancing limbo with your butt. How do you deal with this honor?
I would tell him that offering only some drinks is not enough to receive this honor. The only guy who is allowed to dance limbo with my back is the night manager 😉

Your new job is the CEO of GEMA (ASCAP/BMI) – what is your strategy?
To abolish it and make myself unemployed.

The best party tends to happen in the restrooms, so why should we pay YOU?
Because I am playing hot shit instead of just flushing shit down the drain (… but that’s just my opinion). But honestly, if the loo played a song with every flush, it might not be the best choice for your club.