RBS Artist


Playtime 06:00h – 09:00h. Early to bed, early to rise or party monster ? And – what happens the day after?
I need to sleep ! I go to bed early and get up early to go to the gig…so I can party all day. I prefer to party at daytime more than at night.

Not the first, not the last record – but the best record you ever bought?
The first or second Fink album. It has nothing to do with techno or house, its closer to handmade singer-songwriter kind of music. When I saw that this album was available on vinyl , I simply had to buy it. A very awesome record and a great support to get even deeper into the post-party-monday depression… 🙂

Your new job is the CEO of GEMA (ASCAP/BMI) – what is your strategy?
All employes in the c-suite will be kicked out and the assets of royalty collection entity GEMA will be distributed to the rest of the workforce in the company as a compensation. The rest will be given to charity and then the GEMA is history. Oops, the artists did not get anything in my plan……hmm…maybe I will compensate them by giving them a gift-aid invoice.

Who is the prettiest DJ and why?
Ask this to the ladies…

You`re playing. A guy who has been offering a number of drinks during the night has changed from being a deckshark dancing in front of you to being a teddy bear dancing limbo with your butt. How do you deal with this honor?
No problem. Its only sympathy. Once it gets too much, I will give him two drink tokens and ask him very kind to organize some more drinks. This guarantees a little break from rubbing up against my back, even if its friendly…