RBS Artist


Confetti – lover or hater?
Not sure – when someone throws them from behind my back I might respond with an intense Champagne shower…

Night Manager – blessing or curse?
Without them, I wouldn’t even get close to the door – in or out !

Your playtime is on since 15 min, you’re glamorously absent, lost in another club, lost in time, lost in…? Any possibility for a defense?
I have to admit, that’s never happened to me…:), but there are two ways to deal with it:
a) “Umm, the plane got lost…” (never mind you’re coming from just around the corner…)
b) My mobile device failed to sync the calendar – so sorry!

Which of the Ritter Butzke Studio releases was the worst so far?
Were there any good ones?

Worst party at Ritter Butzke – when, why?
Can’t tell, don’t know – they don’t let me in.