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BAAL is back with „Cashmere” and „Madala” – two deep melodic tracks for the dance floor on “Ritter Butzke Studio”. Right from their first EP BAAL established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the international club scene. After a couple of remixes they are now back on Ritter Butzke Studio with their new EP „Cashmere”. The track named as the EP itself is a wide open pizzicato soundscape filled with a throbbing kick that fills the sound from the bottom up. With deep, altering and melodic lines that BAAL is known for and long dynamic breaks this track is guaranteed to bring goosebumps to the dancing crowd. Despite it’s tinder texture the track has very much the ability to bring severe movements to the dance floor. The EP comes with the second track „Madala” that also shows the melodic side of BAAL. Starting with a smooth and calming atmosphere the silence is harshly broken by a shattering baseline that develops it’s own life and shapes itself with upward movements until it feels like longing for a dark sky. Without repeating themselves BAAL once again accomplishes to bring yet another level to their already existing cosmos.

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